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Our Services

Conveyancing - Real Estate

We will assit you with independence in your purchase of a property in Spain

Banking Law

We specialize in all types of negotiations and claims to banking. Just send us your bank contracts and we will inform you of their possibilities

Labor Law

We offer a wide range of services in labor matters, highlighting advice on dismissals, wage claims, work accidents and Social Security benefits

Inherintances and Wills

Experts in family planning, advice on wills and inheritance. With the guarantee of professionalism of extensive experience, we take care of all the procedures regaring the inheritance.

Contact us and we will hold a first free meeting. So we can provide you an initial orientation, propose suitable actions and prepare a budget. Click here to request a free appointment.


Our day-to-day success lies in the preventive and negotiating capacity that allows us to anticipate conflicts in collaboration with our clients, as well as settle them in premature stages as a result of the analysis and approach of strategies for risk management from a legal point of view. However, the interests entrusted sometimes require the judicialization of the conflict, for which all the lawyers who are members of the firm have extensive experience in the procedural field.


Our company philosophy is committed to closeness to the client, deepening the element of trust that presides over the professional relationship between lawyer and client, albeit within the framework of an absolutely professionalized service. This results in the following elements:


- Clarity and honesty in the approaches offered and their possibilities.


- Effort in the detection of their real needs, in the knowledge of the reality of the company or individual to offer useful legal tools and that provide added value to the provision of legal advice and defense.


- Technical qualification: Materialized in the deep study and analysis of the matters entrusted to the office and continuous training of the lawyers assigned to it, both as permanent staff and as for the collaborators.

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